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The Foot Joint Practitioner is not a medical practitioner, and does not make claim to cure or diagnose.

Nor is Foot Joint Mobilisation a beauty treatment and does not make any promise of perfect feet, but offers an improvement and a level of comfort from the present state.

All these sacred energies and experiences have enriched Maree's understanding of the spiritual world around her and around this planet and adds a quality of sacred wisdom and love to her consultations, courses and Art

Maree has experienced many privileges in this life time, including raising 3 children.  

For around 7 years she travelled and meditated in sacred places most people only dream about. Experiences in spiritual awakenings most people have only read about.   Visiting high energy sacred spots around the world, from Buddhist temples in Thailand to sacred valleys of the Incas.   Spent time on the  Island of the Sun in Bolivia, Greek Temples and Monasteries in Greece, to living in the outback of Australia for several years.  

In 2008  Maree was also blessed with the honour of working on,

not 1 but 2 very prestigious

Swami's of India with Foot Joint Mobilisation.

In 2011 Maree was sharing with a group where she worked with the Elders of the Aboriginals and the Maoris.  

    Maree also had the honour of helping the well respected

SilverBird Nedni Apache/Cherokee,

Peace Ambassador for the World

Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji

of Rishikesh

Swami Sundanand of Dharali  

Silver Bird


Maree Gifkins was fortunate enough to be trained in Foot Joint Mobilisation when Dr Lampell was in Auckland in 1994.   Maree had Dr Lampell's full attention on her feet as she had the worst flat feet of those in the class. Maree had been experiencing lower back pain for the past two years.

While still in the class, Maree's feet started to feel stronger in the arches and the back pain started to lift. The nervous system also started to relax. Maree started to feel several other minor irritations leave as well.  

Her mind was feeling peaceful and it wasn't that everybody else changed, it was the healing energy cleansing flow that came from within.    

Realizing that there was something very potent in this therapy Maree proceeded in using Foot Joint Mobilisation in her Clinic and still after 17 years finds it is an enjoyable, non-complicated,  non-invasive therapy.

Maree has seen many miracles with Foot Joint Mobilisation and still does to this day.    

Some people say it has a touch of magic to it.                                      

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