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Dr Harvey Lampell (founder of Foot Joint Mobilisation) had a normal successful podiatry clinic in California, until life handed him a challenge from a parachuting accident.   Dr Harvey Lampell was left with cruel back pain. He found that Reflexology gave him the most relieve, so proceeded to learn this art in which, was then used in his clinic.

Over a period of time Dr Lampell became dissatisfied in regards with the miss-shape of the feet of people he was treating and developed a technique called Foot Joint Mobilisation.  Dr Lampell was in a very good position to develop this technique as he had complete knowledge of the anatomy of the feet.  American podiatrists are qualified to operate on the patients feet up to the knees.   Dr Lampell x-rayed the feet before and after when working on them.

As he progressed with this new wisdom he found he was relieving many structural disabilities of the feet which previously was unable to be treated without surgery or drugs such as plantar fascits, bunions, heel-spurs, claw toes, hammer toes, flat feet and high arches.      He was able to reduce the need of surgery by around 90% and also a high decrease in most prescribed drugs.  

Dr Lampell also found that by working on the feet it then allowed the body to correct itself structurally.  For example by reducing bunions it then resulted in the body being able to straighten the knee and/or hip of incorrect alignment resulting in Arthritis.  By using Foot Joint Mobilisation Dr Lampell found most back pain was relieved as well as neck stiffness and sciatic pain and that once treatment was finished the person no longer needed to continue treatments.  

Dr Harvey Lampell  USA

Maree Gifkins was fortunate enough to be trained in Foot Joint Mobilisation by Dr Lampell when he was in Auckland in 1994